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Will Everyone Get Wisdom Teeth?

February 21, 2023

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X-ray of a patient with all four wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth tend to be an inconvenience when they show up. You think that everything in your mouth has settled into place, then one day you have to worry about removing a tooth that you didn’t even know you had.

If you’re in your twenties and still haven’t gotten your wisdom teeth, you might wonder if you’ve dodged a bullet. You might think: “Will I ever even get my wisdom teeth?” If you want the answer to this question, here’s a guide to tell you what you want to know.


Dental Sedation: What Does It Feel Like?

December 14, 2022

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patient under sedation in Dallas

Your dentist understands that extensive dental care can cause anxiety. This is common among many adults. However, it doesn’t have to lead to oral healthcare neglect. Instead, there is a solution that can reduce your fears – sedation dentistry. With many options available, it is a great way to not only combat feelings of worry but also ensure that you receive the treatment you need most comfortably. But what does dental sedation feel like? A local periodontist is here to explain.


Answering Some of the Most Common Questions About Sedation Dentistry

November 3, 2022

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young patient smiling before her dental appointment

If you’re someone who’d rather be anywhere else in the world than the dentist’s office, then you aren’t alone! In fact, it’s estimated that roughly 9 – 20% of US adults are affected with “dentophobia.” Because of this, sedation dentistry has emerged as one of the most popular solutions for treating this! Keep reading as we answer a few of the most common questions concerning sedation dentistry and talk about why it’s a great answer for dental-related anxiety, among other things!


Why You Might Need a Bone Graft Before Dental Implants

October 19, 2022

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Illustration of bone grafting for the upper jaw

You’ve decided that dental implants are your best choice for restoring your smile, so recently you scheduled a consultation with your periodontist to learn more about the process. However, they told you that before implant surgery can be performed, you’ll need to get a bone graft. What exactly is a bone graft, and why does it have to be done before you can get dental implants? Here’s what you need to know about this procedure and why it may be a necessary step in rebuilding your smile.


Avoid Gum Disease with Dental Insurance Benefits

September 22, 2022

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A patient hoping to avoid gum disease

You’d be surprised at how easily you can get gum disease. As it turns out, half of all American adults eventually suffer from it. Even so, many don’t notice the illness until it’s already done severe damage and led to expensive treatments. However, your dentist can prevent such things by nipping your gum disease at a dental checkup. As a result, you’d spare yourself a lot of pain and financial charges. Read on to learn how to avoid gum disease and its awful effects with dental insurance benefits.


4 Great Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

September 14, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — lincolnparkperio @ 4:34 pm
A patient receiving sedation dentistry

In most cases, sedation dentistry gets associated with dental anxiety. After all, many patients receive it to feel less afraid during their treatments. However, did you know that the field can do more than just ease your worries? The truth is that dental sedation can serve a variety of helpful purposes. As such, even those without dentist-related fears can benefit from its sedatives. To learn more, here are four benefits that come from receiving sedation dentistry.


Will You Need a Sinus Lift Before Getting Dental Implants?

August 16, 2022

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Illustration of sinus lift before dental implants are placed

Not everyone can get dental implants right away. In some cases, preliminary treatments like bone grafting or periodontal therapy need to be performed so that the gums and jawbone are ready to support the implant posts. If you’re getting dental implants in your upper jaw, then your periodontist might suggest a specific kind of preliminary treatment known as a sinus lift. Here’s what you need to know about this procedure and why you might need it before you can get new teeth.


Recovering from All-On-4 Dental Implants

March 12, 2022

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Digital model of lower All-On-4 implantDental implants can give you the next best thing to your natural smile when used to support a denture. Traditionally, it requires a multi-step process that can take several months to complete. You don’t have to live without any teeth while your mouth heals when choosing All-Of-4. Fewer posts are needed to stabilize your denture, allowing you to walk out of your placement surgery with a complete smile. Although they’ll look and feel like your natural teeth, you won’t be eating steak for a while. Here’s what you can expect when recovering from All-On-4 dental implants.


4 Tips for Adjusting to Implant Dentures

March 2, 2022

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Digital model of implant denturesIf you’ve lost all your natural teeth, don’t settle for anything less than the best. If you are ready to add the support of dental implants to your denture, you are making a great investment. The implant posts will serve as roots, anchoring your denture to your jawbone. You’ll enjoy a nearly perfect replica of your real teeth to say goodbye to slipping and irritation for good. However, it’s going to take time to adjust to implant dentures. Don’t worry, here are 4 tips to make the transition easier.


How Much Does Gum Recontouring Cost?

February 20, 2022

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Smiling young woman, happy she could afford the cost of gum recontouring

If you have excess gum tissue that makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance, you might be thinking about undergoing gum recontouring. This minimally invasive procedure can trim away extra tissue, revealing more of the underlying tooth enamel and improving the proportions of your smile. Of course, you may wonder about the cost of gum recontouring. Let’s talk about some of the factors that determine its price.

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